Details: Engineer in Training Bootcamp

July 8, 2017

The Program:
Fresh graduates from Engineering and Technology colleges are educated with book knowledge, but not necessarily with practical job related skills. This gap creates hurdles for getting into good software roles at great corporations. In order to bridge the gap, we are offering Engineer in Training Bootcamp. This 6 week long program will equip budding software engineers to put on some real world experience under their belt.

At the end of the program, all participants are expected to submit a mini-project that they have developed over the course of the program.

Why are we doing this program:
Firstly, this is a way we are giving back to the society. At one point, we were fresh graduates too, and we received help, support and encouragement from someone to build our professional career. Secondly, we will offer full time job opportunity to work at our organization to the best performing candidates.

Why should you be interested:

  • Real World Experience
  • Mentorship from people who worked in USA and graduated from top USA Universities.
  • Better chance of getting a job.

Experience Certificate:
Brahmaputra Innovative Solutions Private Limited will issue experience certificate to all who successfully completes this program. Also,

Usually these kind of programs charge substantial amount of money to the candidates for participation. But, our program will offer a stripped of Rs. 6,000 to all who successfully completes the program. This striped is provided to cover basic living expenses to the deserving candidates.

Last Date of Application for the first batch: July 15th, 2017